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2005, 2015

Kochen, backen, glücklich sein.

Die einen gibt es 6 mal die Woche Tiefkühlpizza und sonntags schonmal Nudeln. Die anderen zelebrieren das Kochen mit Freunden, Wein oder guter Musik.

Wie oft kochst Du? Sag es uns: Auf Truc

1603, 2015

Trucify celebrates more than 1000 users!

Kids appreciate their parents, older people become ruthless when it comes to marriage. Trucify, the app about challenging questions, is gaining popularity and celebrates more than 1000 users.

2602, 2015

“trucify – Comfortable Truth” released

Questions? Answers! Thoughtfish releases "Trucify – Comfortable Truth". The app that finds out what the world thinks launches on February 26th.

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