PRESS RELEASE February 26, 2015

“trucify – Comfortable Truth” released

Questions? Answers! Thoughtfish GmbH releases “Trucify – Comfortable Truth”. The app that finds out what the world thinks, launches on February 26th. Users anonymously answer tough, funny and intimate questions and can compare their answers with the rest of the world.
Would you rather prefer to have an ugly or a stupid child?
Is god a white guy?
Should you rather eat happy or unhappy cows?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Do you dream in color?

The people behind Trucify want to know and share the knowledge with everyone!

A young team around CEO Christina Barleben and German radio- and TV-show host Daniel Finger releases their first app “Trucify – Comfortable Truth“ for iOS.

“The best way to find out what people think is to ask them”, says Daniel Finger, who had the idea behind Trucify. While studying sociology and cultural anthropology he came in contact with phone and street intercept surveys. But to his mind, in the digital age, it is all about reacting fast to trends and events: “People who use their smartphones all the time or teenagers who stopped using email altogether, don’t fill out questionnaires. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have meaningful things to say!”

Trucify was made to answer questions fast and with fun. Also, the users themselves get detailed results. “People not only want to voice their opinions, they are also very curious“, says the CEO of Thoughtfish, lawyer Christina Barleben, “we don’t just ask people, we also share our insights with our users.”

Because the questions touch intimate issues, privacy is of utmost importance for the developers. Christina Barleben: “We strongly advocate data protection and privacy. We ask a lot of questions, but we never store which specific person gave a particular answer.”

Trucify does not collect email addresses, real names or similar personal date. Furthermore, the app caters to the demands of many data protection specialists and politicians. “We incorporated the principle of Privacy-by-Design, says game producer Viktor Hirsch, who gained a lot of experience working with highly sensitive data within the software industry, “Results and personal data, (if collected at all), are kept separately. And we only collect data that is absolutely necessary for the functioning of our app.

Trucify is available for iOS devices (iOS version 7 and up) immediately in the Apple Appstore.

An Android version is scheduled for release on March, 30th.

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