Berlin, 2014/03/16

Trucify celebrates more than 1000 users!

Kids appreciate their parents, older people become ruthless when it comes to marriage. Trucify, the app about challenging questions, is gaining popularity and celebrates more than 1000 users.
The Truth of the Week

Trucify asked it’s users:

The results were astounding. The older the users, the more likely they were willing to accept a financial aide for their wedding – regardless of the ethical dimension. Only 52% of all teenagers were willing to accept the money, compared to 86% of our users age 50 and up.

Not only the results surprised the people behind Trucify, but also how quickly the discussion about the questions spread into Social Media.

»Next to the question about a monetary gift from a dubious source the question DO YOU APPRECIATE YOUR PARENTS? was debated hotly«, says cofounder Daniel Finger: »More than 1.500 people were discussing this question on Facebook. Some teenagers went even further and thanked their parents, including a link to their parents’ Facebook pages.

Still, this holds true: In Trucify users stay completely anonymous.The app does not collect or use personal data like email addresses or real names. Users are encouraged to only use the app under a pseudonym and there is no third-party login. Each and every user can always answer truthfully without having to justify their opinion or having to fear negative consequences.

The App

Trucify is the easy and fun app for those who want to know, what
the world thinks. And to voice their own opinion.

»Is god a white guy?« What do religious people say and how do atheists think?
»Should you rather eat happy or unhappy cows?« – an easy decision for all steak eaters?
»Would you like to know the time of your death?« – or would that drive you insane?

Trucify users always stay anonymous. Thoughtfish strongly advocates Privacy-by-Design and refrains from collecting personal data wherever possible.

The Company

Thoughtfish GmbH makes social games and gamified apps for mobile devices.
We think that the digital age is worthy of innovative concepts for apps and games.

The Founders

Christina Barleben – Christina traveled the world working for the United Nations and the German Foreign Office. She represented major companies as a business lawyer and learned the ropes of the media business as a film producer. But all that time she actually wanted to design games. She woke up one morning and decided to change her life and the games industry.

Daniel Finger – As a radio, TV and event host, Daniel talked so much about innovation and the digital revolution, that he decided to take matters into his own hands. His broad experience as an IT journalist and university teacher for Interactive Storytelling fuel his creativity.

Press Service

You will hear from us! Trucify regularly publishes the “Question of the Week”. Here, we publish weekly the most interesting results of all questions that are answered by our community – as well as background material for journalists that can be used freely and without royalty for journalistic purposes. All you have to do is name the source of the material. You can find the details at

We would love to hear from you! If we can help or inform you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to offer additional information regarding our app, its questions and results and our company.

Press Contacts:

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